Kate the Dreamer (dreamkate1) wrote in ww_clothingswap,
Kate the Dreamer

Size UK22/US 18s

I have an ever growing box of clothing that needs to find a good home. It's a combination of semi casual work clothes and a few every day items. Most of the stuff is either from Bon Marche and Evans with probably some Old Navy and Gap mixed in, I haven't really looked. If anyone is interested in this size I will post pictures.

I'm willing to either trade for actual postal cost or clothing that is US12/14 (UK 16/18) I'm in the UK, so probably someone else in the UK would make the most amount of sense, but I'm willing to ship anywhere. As I said, if people are interested, I can take pictures of items. Don't really want to spend the time taking pictures if there aren't going to be any takers. All good quality stuff, just doesn't fit anymore.
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