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Weight Watchers Clothing Swap

Get rid of clothes in your old size, get clothes in your new size!

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This journal sparked as an idea from ww_users and is a forum for people on Weight Watchers (or other diets) to swap clothing from their old size and get clothing in their new size.

You can post pictures or a link to clothing you want to get rid of (include sizes!), you can make requests for sizes/styles you're looking for. This community has been created to open up communication among us "losers" and help us get our hands on clothing in our new size(s) without breaking the bank.

Feel free to set up clothing exchanges, sales, auctions, etc. and link them to this community or set them up within.

Note: This forum (and its moderator) is in no way responsible for any exchanges that take place. Any financial, shipping, or other disputes that may arise must be worked out among the LJ users.